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Ban pro-eating disorder websites, blogs, images and other content in the UK.

I am an 18 year old who has been battling with an eating disorder since the age of 12.Through my teenage years I - and many others I know - lived on pro-eating disorder websites and blogs and searching google for images of thin and drastically low weight females as "thinspiration". These sites need to be banned, they took over my life and they are taking other peoples' lives, killing innocent victims and robbing young people from a happy full filled life.The government needs to put a stop to these websites by blocking the web addresses from getting into a country as these sites are incredibly damaging.If you search "pro-ana" in a search engine hundreds and thousands of damaging and disturbing content will come up encouraging girls to starve themselves, it's wrong and something needs to be done.Action needs to be taken to aid people into re-building their lives, not only will this save money on the NHS, as I believe pro-eating disorder pages are a huge trigger for someone to fall into the eating disorder trap, but it will also save more lives.Please let's sign and share this petition to save lives!!

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